Endowment/Trust Fund

A gift that will keep on giving, so that “future generations will be told about the Lord.”
Psalm 22:30

What is the purpose of the Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds?

The purpose of the Funds is to aid in the funding of various ministries of Trinity through the encouragement and management of bequests, donations, and other gifts.

The Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds provide the organization and structure which allows the congregation to encourage and administer gifts such as:

  • Real Estate
  • Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Gunds
  • Retirement Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Other Types of Real and Personal Property

The Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds create a source of future income to assist the continued ministry of Trinity.

Why should I consider giving to the Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds?

A congregational trust fund is God-pleasing.

It’s purpose is the furtherance of the mission of the church given by the Lord:

  • It reminds us (God’s people) that wills and estate planning are part of Christian stewardship, and are God given opportunities to put love into action for one’s family as well as for the Lord.
  • It provides opportunities to open new horizons of the work of Christ by assisting programs that enhance the ministry of our congregation for future generations.

May the donor direct that a gift be used for special purposes?

Yes, many would like to know that their special interest will be advanced into perpetuity.

For example, your IRA beneficiary form might state, “To my spouse, however, if he (or she) is predeceased, the balance in this account is a gift to the Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds to be used for…

  • Fund A

    • Building, and Property Improvement Trust Fund: Growth & Principal is to be used for new building construction and for property improvements.
  • Fund B

    • Christian Education Tuition Assistance Trust Fund: Growth & Principal from this fund is to be used for education tuition assistance at Trinity Elementary School, and WELS High Schools.
  • Fund C

    • Future Called Worker Education Assistance Trust Fund: Growth & Principal from this fund is to be used for education assistance for future called workers.
  • Fund D

    • Synod Mission Endowment Fund: Income from this fund goes to support mission programs at the regional, national, and international level.
  • Fund E

    • All-purpose/Undesignated Trust Fund: Growth & Principal from this fund is to be used as an all-purpose fund to meet unforeseen needs.

Who will administer the Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds?

The Trinity Planned Giving Committee has the power and authority necessary to carry out the purposes of the Endowment/Trust Funds in accord with the policies of the voters of Trinity.

The committee is responsible for receiving of all gifts and the investing of available assets with the WELS Investment Fund, Inc. They may seek professional counseling on investments and legal matters as they deem it necessary in the best interest of the Funds.

The committee will recommend to the church council the best use of the fund distributions. The recommendations will then be forwarded to the voters for approval.

The Trinity Planned Giving Committee shall render a full and complete account of the administration of the funds at Trinity’s annual meeting.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the Trinity Endowment/Trust Funds, please contact the church office by e-mail: office@trinitykiel.com.