Twenty Somethings

It’s Not The Age That Matters, It’s The Vision.

Twenty Somethings Ready to Serve

“Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a
slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.”
1 Corinthians 9:19

You have probably heard some buzz about the Twenty Somethings. If you haven’t hopefully in the near future you will begin to see the tremendous love and gifts that this group possesses for their Savior. I cannot express enough how much this group will have an effect on the future of Trinity Lutheran Church. With your involvement, encouragement, and prayers the buzz about the Twenty Somethings will continue to grow and prayerfully become a main pipeline for service at Trinity Lutheran Church.

You might call the Twenty Somethings a very interesting dynamic. In this age group there are those who are single, those who are young parents, those who are in college, those who are newlyweds, and many more. The wide array of interests, talents, and points in life for those in this age group has created many different contact points. Having this dynamic allows us to reach the many needs of this age group and able to reach out to many more age groups. With all of this in mind the Twenty Somethings has developed this vision:

Twenty Somethings is a group centered around God’s Word to grow in faith, to be encouraged by one another, and to focus on reaching out to others with the saving love that Christ has for us.

Twenty Somethings sees a core of leaders developing and ready to serve as the next generation of leaders at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Twenty Somethings sees Trinity Lutheran Church as a very diverse melting pot of believers looking for their role in the church.

Twenty Somethings sees their role as facilitators. We will open the door for people to serve at Trinity Lutheran Church in many ways that they may not have considered before.

  • We will do this by organizing a Volunteer Fair that will present what every group, club, and gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church offers. Our goal is that by 2015 every member will be connected to at least one group, club, and/or gathering at Trinity Lutheran Church.
  • As Christians we are servants to Jesus Christ who became a servant for us. We see all members of Trinity Lutheran Church as very capable and willing to serve to win as many as possible.

As we grow as a group both spiritually and physically we thank the congregation for their support and encourage others to come join us for fun and fellowship.

To God be the glory!