1st and 2nd Grades

Mrs. Hansen’s Jungle

classroom8 We are a multi grade classroom of 6,7, and 8 year old students. classroom3

Benefits of a multi-grade classroom include:

-Younger students learning from older students

-Students gain an increased sense of personal responsibility

-Students get to interact with children of different ages and abilities

-Familiarity with the teacher and classroom

We start our day with Math and Reading instruction. These classes are taught separately to each grade. While one grade is in class with Mrs. Hansen, the other grade is working on their assignments or having center time.

classroom4Centers include Library, Computers, Writing, Art, Math, and Listening classroom9

In the afternoon the two grades combine for Word of God, Science and Social Studies. One day a week, we have Phy. Ed., Art, and Music, which are also combined classes. These subjects are set up on a two year rotation so that students have something different each year.