Full Day

Kindergarten is a full day of learning and fun in a safe and loving environment.  We have snack and rest time, as well as a hot lunch program.

Special Events

Throughout the school year, not only do we learn to read, write, tell time, and do some simple addition and subtraction, but we also travel around the world!  Once the beginning of the year routine is established, we hop aboard our “airplane” and travel to all the different continents, learning interesting facts about several different countries.  We have tickets, passports, and suitcases!  In several of the places we visit, we also have a celebration of some kind, such as a Japanese Tea Ceremony or learn to do a Spanish Flamenco or experience a “kindergarten-style” bullfight.


By the end of the school year, we’ve learned a lot, made some amazing memories, and have a travel book to keep as a momento.

Regular Studies

We utilize the Superkid Reading series, a Kindergarten Writing Workshop, the Sparks Phy Ed curriculum, Houghton-Mifflin’s Math, and Scott Foresman’s Language Arts and Science, Northwestern Publishing’s Christ-Light Word of God series.  We utilize a SMARTboard in our classroom, and have each student has access to iPads during the day.


Student-Teacher Ratio

The ratio in our classroom has been one teacher for every six students.  Our classroom number rarely goes over ten.


All-School Events

We join the remainder of the school, preschool and first through eighth grade, for a number of activities throughout the year.  We celebrate “Jump Rope For Heart”, “Grandparents Day”, “Scholastic Book Fair”, All-School plays, Art Receptions, a Children’s Christmas service, Literature Fairs, and more.  (Some of these events occur every other year.)  As a community service, we help some of the other classes design Valentines or Easter cards for the shut-ins.


If you should have any questions about kindergarten, please feel free to contact us here at the school and we’ll be happy to answer any questions we can.